OB3 - Episode 10 - Why Baseball? Why Now?



A most marvelous podcast

In All Ball or Flagrant Foul, we tackle: 

President Obama's Sports Jokes at the White House Correspondents Dinner

Chris Bosh's Battle With Blood Clots And The Miami Heat

The Replay Rule in Baseball

The NBA's Transparency in Reviewing Referee's Mistakes

And Geoff Young does his best to convince Bryan Miller to care about baseball

OB3 - Episode 9 - Sketchy Guitar Instructors Drink Lemonade With Jake Arrieta In Jail



Your mom's favorite sports comedy trio is back with another rousing edition of The Off-Balance Three

Among the topics discussed during the All Ball or Flagrant Foul segment are:

A fan running on the field to celebrate Jake Arrieta's no-hitter.

Deflategate Is Back!

Mark Cuban says Russell Westbrook is not a superstar.

The Atlanta Braves aren't happy with the condition of their field.

Steve Kerr wins Coach of the Year. Does he deserve it?




OB3 - Season 2 Premiere - Bryan Miller & Geoff Young play “All Ball Or Flagrant Foul?”



It's a brand new season of The Off-Balance Three. We traverse through treacherous topics like Rex Ryan introducing Donald Trump at a campaign rally, The US Women's National Team suing for equal pay, Kobe's farewell speech, and more. 

Geoff Young and Bryan Miller appear courtesy of bananas. Eat them and you'll grow strong. 

OB3 - Ep 7 - Bryan Miller, Minnesota & Bill Hicks



Comedian Bryan Miller joins Aaron on episode 7 of The Off Balance Three. Follow Bryan on twitter @BMilllerComedy

OB3 - Ep 6 - Steve Varley & Quinton Hill



Episode 6 finds Aaron dicussing the newest global superstar, Raz Cohen, a shirtless sensation hailing from Israel who challenges professional basketball players to 1 on 1 battles for money.  

Steve Varley and Quinton Hill join in in the fun which includes a conversation about the new NFL rules, Krysten Ritter, the YES Network money grab and PR smear campaign against cable providers. 

Also mentioned......Nate Robinson, Eric Decker, Ryan Fitzpatrick, Brandon Marshall, San Francisco 49ers, Seattle Mariners, Chicago Bulls, Derek Rose, Jerry Rice and more

Follow Steve on Twitter and Listen to The Steve Varley Show

OB3 - Ep 5 - Costaki Economopoulos, Quick Snaps, Poker & Comedy



Costaki Economopoulos (Stand up Comedian, Creator of Quick Snaps) joins Aaron for a conversation about how poker relates to comedy and the 1st time he ever saw a nudie magazine. 

OB3 - Ep 4 - Travis Sarandos, Hank The Dog, Tasty Treats at Turner Field



OB3 - Ep 4 - Travis Sarandos, Hank The Dog, Tasty Treats at Turner Field

OB3 - Episode 3 - Jameson Bennett, NBA, Louisville Sex Scandal



In Episode 3, Aaron is joined by Jameson Bennett, co-founder of Cewebity.comto talk about the NBA and college basketball, including the recent sex scandal at Louisville and the ongoing scandals of the New York Knicks.


OB3 - Jason Shebiro on MMA, Kobe Bryant, Kale & Facial Hair Bans



In Episode 2, Aaron is joined by funnyman Jason Shebiro for a conversation that covers a variety of topics, including Kobe Bryant, LeBron James, Connor McGregor, Holly Holm, Nate Diaz, and Don Mattingly's facial-hair ban.  

You must follow Jason on Twitter, or else! 

Also, we introduce a new segment: "Getting To Know The WNBA Mascots," with CrookedScoreboard.com contributor, Natalie McGill.

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The OB3 - Geoff Young & Maral Nerkizian - Sports BFFs & Terrible Closer Entrance Songs



In the debut episode of The Off-Balance Three, Aaron Hodges explores the world of imaginary relationships between athletes with friendship matchmaker guru and SiriusXM Program Director Maral Nerkizian. Who would Larry The Cable Guy and Mike Piazza pal around with? Maral is full of hot takes on friendships.

Geoff Young, recently named Baseball Editor at CrookedScoreboard.com, also shares some thoughts on terrible entrance songs for baseball closers. 
You can keep up with Maral, Geoff, and Aaron on Twitter.

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